Pawssibly and purrhaps the biggest catastrophy in a feline's 9 lifetimes!

What is Cat-ASTRO-phy?

Cat-ASTRO-phy! is my entry for the Global Game Jam 2020 which was held in Rijeka. With a team of 4 amazing people we've made this small game.

Play as a purrfect feline astronaut who is on a quest of becoming the furrst cat on the moon!
Help out space catet fix her ship by collecting its parts scattered around the universe!
Watch out for the mean asteroids!

Latest build

You can play the game here
Cat-ASTRO-phy! (Windows executable)
Cat-ASTRO-phy! (Ubuntu Linux)

This one is the same as the Global Game Jam 2020 build, it might get updates in the future.

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